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Once again I’d like to than two really helpful people - some very nice Anon (you don’t have to hide to give me advices! I don’t bite. At last not too hard) and szarnyaslany - who helped me to discover interestig functions of 8tracks.

Thanks to them I can edit my famixes and make them easier to listen. Yay!

Thank you guys! Have a nice day!!!

Asker szarnyaslany Asks:
About 8tracks: You don't necesseraly have to use archive to make a mix there, you can upload them from you computer too. I do this all the time! :)
commanderowl commanderowl Said:

… That’s a true revelation for me. I wouldn’t guess! Thank you very much :D 

Asker Anonymous Asks:
Why not making an 8tracks page for those fanmixes of yours? :) I'm pretty sure they would be more popular!
commanderowl commanderowl Said:

I was considering that option, to be honest. 8Tracks would be far more convenient than what I had to do, and using it would be so much easier, but there was one thing – not all songs I wanted to include in these fanmixes were available in the archives of this site. I am very, very lazy person, but also not elastic one. Once I decide, what exactly I want to achieve, there is no way to make me change my mind. Fulfilling my vision is for me more important than popularity XD.

Anyway, thank you for your suggestion – it’s really nice of you to show me easier way and I really appreciate your thoughtfulness and kindness. Thank you very much and have a nice day!

The most interesting parts of my trip out of town:

  • I discovered that there are few more beautiful and mirthless things than mist slowly creeping up on the flood-bank.
  • Walking on moss and leaves is very pleasant despite my sore joints.
  • I had really interesting conversation with a raven. I don’t think we understood each other very well, but, on the other side, I had nothing that interesting to say.
  • I had a chance to play with my favourite stray cat.
  • I had a chance to see a woodpecker eating pork fat hanging on a tree in my garden.


  1. Vaness Paradis - La Seine Cabaret
  2. Ray Charles - Hit the Road, Jack
  3. The Seatbelts - The Piano Black
  4. Grace Jones - Corporate Cannibal
  5. Garbage - The World Is Not Enough
  6. 30 Seconds to Mars - Night of the Hunter
  7. Subway to Sally - Mephisto
  8. Voltaire - When You’re Evil
  9. Chris Cornell - You Know My Name
  10. Edith Piaf - Je ne Regrette Rien
  11. Mai Yamane - Rain
  12. Jen Titus - O Death
  13. Anita Lipnicka & John Porter - Bones of Love



Yes, this is it. That’s my surprise - 9 fanmixes I made some time ago to help me with writing, but in deluxe edition with booklets and everything. I hope you’re not disappointed. Anyway, 8 more to go!

And, BTW, I”m out of town (and civilisation) for next few days. This is going to be fun.


I’m bouta be 26 on November 30th :)

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Hello everyone!

First of all, I’d like to welcome all of my new followers – I hope you won’t regret your decision and you’ll have some fun on my blog. I’d like also to greet all of my older followers. Thank you for your patience and not hitting me for all of my hiatuses and fails in communication :)

Aaaaaand I have some (I hope nice) surprise for you all. As usual I was preparing it for some time and despite that it’s not finished, so you’ll have to wait until tomorrow. Sorry for that.

I love you all!

Have a nice day, take care of yourself and hug someone you love <3

Warsaw, September 2014


Leaving children in orphanages is a tradition among Highland Demolition Men. But what happens when they… Can’t come back for their kids?

Asker Anonymous Asks:
I wasn't aware I shipped Bomb Voyage until this moment, and then I saw your Demo/Spy art reblogged somewhere and now OH GOD I SHIP IT.
commanderowl commanderowl Said:

Welcome aboard your new ship. Please take a seat an enjoy the awesomeness :D

(You made me blush!)

Warsaw, September 2014


I’ve seen first episode of Gotham and… It’s good. For now it’s everything I’ve expected from this series. Modern setting, new interpretation of well-known characters, dirty world of Gotham before Batman era. I like the fact, that for once we see so much of Oswald – it’s not the most popular character and even if he appears in the comics (or the Movie) we don’t see him as a young man. I’m really excited about this villain and I hope the rest of the series won’t disappoint me. And I have to admit it’s nice to see Nigma as a part of police force. It’s… Unusual. And I like it.

And, seriously, I’d love to see the comedian from Mooney’s club to become Joker. Really :D

The other characters I’d like to see in the series are Crane and Quinzel – it would be nice to watch these two trespassing the line between sanity and madness.